Steven Strickland
President and Lead Engineer

Steve is the President of The EARTHWORKS Group, Inc. and has over 3 decades of diverse engineering experience covering civil infrastructure, environmental design and permitting, and building construction.

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Mark Donevant
CEPCSI Civil Team Leader

Mr. Donevant has more than 23 years of civil and environmental engineering experience, including water resources, municipal infrastructure assessment, design and construction experience.
This includes watershed inventory, storm water hydrology & hydraulics (H & H) modeling, municipal infrastructure design, construction management services, and sediment and erosion control design.



Chris Rogers
Civil Project Manager
Chris has over 20 years’ experience in Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Land Development, Project Management, Civil Design and Civil Design Software Customization (Civil 3D). He has experience in the coastal region of North & South Carolina as well as the mountains of Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky. Chris has been involved in numerous projects varying in sizes from small, single residential and commercial lot projects to multimillion-dollar commercial and residential projects.  He has been a part of the EARTHWORKS team for 2 years.
Rick Duval
Architectural Project Manager

Rick is a Project Manager at The EARTHWORKS Group, Inc. and has over 30 years of experience with the design, permitting, and construction of residential and commercial buildings.  He has worked as a building contractor in South Carolina which brings a hands-on experience into his building design expertise. Rick has been involved in the planning, design, permitting, and construction of residential and commercial buildings and recreational facilities throughout North and South Carolina.  He has extensive knowledge with the design and construction of wood framed building structures and project management experience that allows him to troubleshoot difficult design and construction projects.




Dat Mai
Project Manager

Dat is a project manager and has 20 years of Civil Land Development Engineering experience.  Duty includes management of production staff, project coordination with clients, local & state officials, contractors, attend project meetings.  Engineering responsibility includes highway design, infrastructure site design from small banks, commercial shopping complex, residential subdivision, potable water system, and sanitary sewer system.  Storm water analysis and design for detention systems, stormwater master planning for the City of Myrtle Beach and small townships.  Project permitting to regulatory agencies such as SCDHEC, SCDOT, OCRM and local municipalities. 

Chuck Millonzi
Professional Architect & Building Team Leader

Mr. Millonzi has over 33 years experience in the architectural field as it relates to the engineering and construction administration fields. He brings experience with large architectural projects from clients all over the country to the firm. He is skilled in project development, project management, and client relations and has expertise in new facility and conceptual development; design development; construction documents and specifications; construction administration and contract management; project management; strategic plans and franchise/license development.