EARTHWORKS’ mission is to provide courteous and professional service to maximize all our project’s success and quality for our clients.


Over the Years EARTHWORKS has gained strong relationships with the ARC allowing us the opportunity to take part in several national level projects.


EARTHWORKS is dedicated to the demands of municipalities in their quest to meet the needs of the general public which they serve.


Commercial projects offer an exciting creative opportunity in work concert with the Client and the Architect to create a unique expression. 


Residential subdivisions are the basic building blocks of our community and provide the built environment where houses become homes and families come to life.


EARTHWORKS provides services for a variety of institutional projects ranging from religious to educational facilities. Along with institutions, we also provide design of site grading, building structure, and construction management for industrial size projects.


Local, State, and Federal regulations present an ever changing framework of complexity for landowners and developers. Our team of experts has been involved in numerous large and small scale wetland mitigation delineations.


EARTHWORKS has permitted hundreds of joint use, individual, and community docks, marinas, boardwalks, and other recreational maritime community attractions. Our staff stays updated on ever changing State and Federal permitting regulation and have used this expertise to assist our clients with design of various marinas and docks.