Commercial projects offer an exciting creative opportunity in work concert with the Client and the Architect to create a unique expression. The goal is to attract visitors and to provide a positive work and/or shopping experience. The EARTHWORKS Groups’ Planners and Landscape Architects work closely with the Client and Architect to achieve that unique site that is attractive and appealing. Our Engineers and Designers with the support of the Planners and Landscape Architects convert these visions into a workable project, meeting the infrastructure demands and regulatory agency requirements.

EARTHWORKS provided “turn-key” design services for this two story 28,000 sq.ft. retail/institutional building in Myrtle Beach, SC.

The building has commercial spaces on the ground floor and an athletic facility on the second floor.

The design was a two-story pre-engineered metal building was built on a thickened reinforced monolithic slab as a less cost effective solution. Gas water heating was installed due to the large demand in the shower/bathroom areas.

This facility is currently open for business in the Myrtle Beach area and the commercial spaces below are fully occupied.


The Blue Whale retail store located in Surfside Beach, SC is a 15,000 SF building. Constructed from concrete masonry walls, steel columns and roof joists, and custom built structural steel trusses for the three main towers.

The foundation was a mixture of driven timber piles and large concrete pile caps and footings due to the relatively soft soils present at the sites and the large column loads from the roof. The wall systems were designed to be structurally independent from the roof due to fire rating concerns.


EARTHWORKS was retained to provide Construction Management, Engineering, and Survey services for this 2.21 acre commercial site.

In coordination with SCDEHEC, OCRM, GSWSA, and Horry County, civil design included; a site plan with parking layout for 90 parking spaces, site landscape design, utility plans including utility main line extensions, and utility service connections.

A drainage plan including grading, a stormwater piping system design, and a retaining wall with guard rails. SWPPP, construction Management, Architecture, Survey and Platting for this project was also provided by EARTHWORKS.