Industrial / Institutional

EARTHWORKS provides services for a variety of institutional projects ranging from religious to educational facilities. Along with institutions, we also provide design of site grading, building structure, and construction management for industrial size projects. Working with the community to create functional and appealing structures gives us a chance to leave a mark on the local area where people can gather. Let us help create the perfect building for your institution’s services.


EARTHWORKS was retained by Concrete Designs incorporated to design the site and building facilities for their new reinforced concrete pipe plant. The $7M project included foundation design for the three buildings required to house the Hawkeye Pipe Plus machinery.

The project required plant machinery layout for silos, bins stacker conveyors and other ancillary equipment. Driven timber piles were required under all of the building columns to compensate for weak soil conditions.

The machinery layout was modified several times to obtain the best use of existing equipment.


EARTHWORKS was retained by the Williamsburg County Development Board (WCBD) to provide engineering design and construction management services to assist in the development of the Hemingway Industrial Park.

This project was completed to allow a new industry to construct a manufacturing facility adjacent to the existing railroad line.

By careful study of the field conditions, plans were field adapted to minimize additional project costs and provide a road capable of withstanding the projected traffic loads for this industrial facility.


EARTHWORKS was retained by Palmetto Construction Group to design the infrastructure, MEP, foundation, and structural elements. The $1.2M project will house light business class aircraft in multiple T-Hangar buildings and involved storm water design and analysis for to include water quality features.

Based on an expansive apron and building requirements, a low impact approach was taken with respect to stormwater management to utilize vegetable buffers and dry detentions areas to minimize hard system stormwater improvements while maximizing water quality potential.

EARTHWORKS also worked with the industrial client (EnviroBag) to design the site grading, the building structure, and associated improvements for their production facility.


The EARTHWORKS Group provided full design services for a new Headstart facility in Choppee to serve approximately 120 students. The $1.332 M budget for this project covered the costs required to bring this 11,214 SF total educational center to completion.

Many design considerations included bathrooms and sinks for each classroom, a full service kitchen and cafeteria, offices for administration, and a covered bus drop off. Playground area was also developed in the rear of the building that would include a 4 foot high chain link fence for use by the students.

Our design provided for an overall environment that was secure, multifunctional, expandable for future growth, and environmentally friendly.