Over the Years EARTHWORKS has gained strong relationships with the ARC allowing us the opportunity to take part in several national level projects. We take pride in our experience on the federal level, from designing the structure of an Air Force Base to providing wastewater services to Army bases throughout the country. EARTHWORKS covers all types of services providing the same high quality and polite service to every level.

EARTHWORKS provided civil engineering, building, and structural services through a partnership with ARC Incorporated. Our services included site assessment and structural assessment to determine the extent of the repairs required.

We assisted the contractor in determining the quantity of work involved, dimensioning and materials determination.

Our work was conducted so that the contractor, ARC Inc., could provide leveling, milling, patching, or complete road replacement as required to meet specification requirements for road smoothness and preventing reflective cracking.


EARTHWORKS provided civil engineering services through a partnership with ARC Incorporated.

Our services included civil engineering, site planning, structural, building, and the MEP involved in the construction of the 6600 square foot NOSC-D storage.

We were also retained to help plan the Demolition of B1713 and design/repair of B1712 including utility cut and capping, electric disconnects, backfilling, site restoration, and all renovations to B1712.

Our work was facilitated in a manner that was concurrent with the demolition of B1713 and surveying, design, and renovation of B1712.


EARTHWORKS provided facility drainage assessments for 26 USARC sites in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Mississippi to determine compliance with NPDES requirements for storm water discharges and wastewater facilities. 

EARTHWORKS prepared inspection reports that provided specific actions to maintain compliance related to cross-connection of wastewater and stormwater utilities.

Due to the successful completion of the first phase facilities, EARTHWORKS was awarded a second phase contract for 25 USARC facilities in Louisiana, Tennessee, and Kentucky.