EARTHWORKS is dedicated to the demands of municipalities in their quest to meet the needs of the general public which they serve. Our staff’s experience in government, and as consultants, gives us unique knowledge of the workings of local, county, and state government. We take our role seriously as a support vehicle to assist the municipality to meet all of their infrastructure requirements.


EARTHWORKS teamed with the City of Georgetown to design the replacement of a water distribution system for an eight (8) block section of the City of Georgetown’s Historic District.

This project involved the rehabilitation of existing aging and undersized water lines to address pressure, volume, and water quality issues in the area. Over 10,000 linear feet of waterline had to be replaced and is the first phase of an area utility upgrade for the Historic District.

EARTHWORKS provided Survey, Civil Engineering, and Construction Phase Services for the project.


Medlin Parkway was a roadway design project completed for the City of Conway as part of a new road connection from Highway 501 to Oak Street.

The City of Conway retained EARTHWORKS to complete the road design, including paving, drainage, and water/sewer utilities from the school location to Oak Street, providing two routes to connect to the new school.

We jointly work with Conway Christian School and their architect to provide site civil design for the new school campus, including classrooms, gymnasium and connecting walkways, staff parking, bus drop-off, and sports practice fields.


EARTHWORKS was retained by the Town of Surfside Beach to identify existing drainage problem areas and provide cost-effective solutions. EARTHWORKS identified the most vulnerable areas first, and prepared hydraulic models to simulate current and proposed drainage conditions.

The Melody Basin watershed encompassed over 800 acres of property, including upstream and downstream portions that were under the jurisdiction of Horry County.

EARTHWORKS completed two additional watershed projects for the Town of Surfside Beach, with over $3M in total costs.


EARTHWORKS conducted a watershed study of the Myrtle Basin located in Surfside Beach, South Carolina to determine remedial actions to alleviate localized flooding caused by storm events and to conserve the natural resources and storm water quality where feasible.

An extensive field investigation of the existing drainage system was conducted in which existing structures and channels were cataloged as to the condition of each.

The Interconnected Channel and Pond Routing (ICPR) model software was employed to analyze the hydrologic and hydraulic capabilities of the drainage system.