Chris J. Hammel

Mr. Hammel is an accomplished Engineering Leader with more than 15 years’ experience with building systems and commercial construction.  His experience includes managing design teams and projects covering residential, commercial and industrial building construction. 

He has a diverse technical background with more than 15 years of engineering experience, ranging from building design projects to project management.  He has also worked with sustainable design projects, including green building and LEED projects. Building Team Leader at The EARTHWORKS Group, Port St. Lucie, FL.  Mr. Hammel is responsible for engineering and planning for all projects within the Building Design Team. 

His team provides multi-disciplinary design solutions for public and private sector clients, including commercial, industrial, institutional and residential clients.  His duties include mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design for all building projects, management of building team resources, and planning and scheduling projects for clients. 

He is responsible for negotiating service contracts with clients and maintains P&L responsibility in conjunction with the financial team.  He is responsible for bringing in new business via business development and consultative sales with existing clients.  He provides project management, technical support, training and construction document development for new and existing projects.